Meet our Client Executive, Angela Poyzer

Today we caught up with one of our Client Executives, Angela Poyzer, in the next instalment of our Specialist Spotlight series.

Hi Angela, thank you for taking part in this interview. Can you start by telling us how long you have worked at IRS, what your role entails and how it has developed?

I have worked at IRS for nearly 16 years. I joined as an Account Handler on the Bond team for a couple of months before I moved over to the Open Cover team, which I specialise in, and I have really enjoyed it ever since.

In 2013 I was promoted to Client Manager and I took on the management of a team in 2017. In 2021 I was promoted to Client Executive which means I now manage client relationships.

Due to COVID I haven’t been able to get out and see clients as much as I would have liked to but thankfully that is all changing this year and I’ve just got back from a client visit in Dublin which was fantastic!

It sounds like you have progressed a lot over the last 16 years. Have you been in insurance your whole career?

No, my first job was a retail Sales Assistant, but this is where I found my passion for getting to know people and providing a good client service. Next, I worked for a loan company and then on to insurance. In my last role, I was working for a small, household insurance company. Once you’re in insurance it’s a one-way ticket! I have never looked back.

A lot of people say that they fall into a career in insurance but never leave, which can only mean one thing! So, what is it you enjoy most about your role and what has kept you in the industry for so long?

I would have to say working so closely with my team. We have worked together for so long it feels like we are extended family, which makes IRS a really enjoyable place to work.

I also enjoy building relationships with clients and helping them overcome issues. Nothing beats the buzz you get after you’ve helped someone through a challenging situation!

Sounds great, thanks Angela. Are you working on any professional skills currently?

Being someone who loves helping others, I find it extremely challenging when I have stressed all options, and something is beyond my control. I am therefore trying to develop a thicker skin when it comes to work so I don’t take things home with me.

That’s a really interesting point, and something many people probably struggle with so thanks for opening up about that. As you know, SRG’s mantra is ‘Difficult. Done Well.’, do you have any recent examples of this you can share with us?

One of the biggest challenges we’ve faced is Brexit (I’m sorry to say the ‘B’ word!). We’ve had many issues following changes in legislation and how we place the insurance in the market. With each hurdle we come across we have to show real tenacity. It’s always worthwhile as we learn from each experience and do our best to serve the clients.

What is your proudest achievement in your career to date?

Being promoted to Client Executive. I was working towards the role for quite some time, shadowing the sales team, joining their meetings, and learning as much from them as I could.

That must have been an amazing time for you! So, what are you most excited about for the future of IRS and in addition, SRG?

Over the past few years, COVID-19 has meant the insolvency market has been pretty quiet because of government support schemes keeping businesses afloat. At IRS, we are busiest during economically challenging times, so we expect our workloads to increase over the coming months.

In terms of SRG, I really enjoy meeting all the different people and teams. I went to SRG’s GROWTH Conference earlier this year and it was brilliant to catch up with so many people and meet new colleagues. I am looking forward to meeting more people across the Group and seeing what the next acquisition will be!

Thanks Angela. Are you experiencing / observing any trends in the insolvency insurance market right now?

Until recently, we’ve seen a lot of Property Owner appointments however, we are now starting to see an increase in corporate insolvencies. This is mainly due to the withdrawal of government support schemes and businesses not being able to afford to pay back the money they loaned during COVID-19.

What advice would you give to someone looking to start their career in the insurance industry?

I would say learn from the people around you. Listen to what your colleagues are saying on the phone, the questions that they ask clients and absorb as much as you can from your colleagues. Exams are helpful but working hard and putting your hand up for projects can do wonders to broaden your skillset!

Great advice. To finish off, what is your favourite cocktail?

Well, I love cider but if I had to choose a cocktail, it would either be a frozen pina colada or a bloody Mary.

And of course, what is your go-to karaoke song?

My Chemical Romance, Black Parade. I recently sang my heart out to this song on my hen-do!

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